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NBA Fans Amazed By Ja Morant's Unbelievable Two-Handed Block: "It Doesn't Compute For Me That Humans Can Jump This High"

NBA Fans Amazed By Ja Morant's Unbelievable Two-Handed Block: "It Doesn't Compute For Me That Humans Can Jump This High"

Ja Morant is a human highlight reel, producing moments that leave everyone watching stunned on a regular basis. He had another moment of magic in their win over the Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday, producing a candidate for the best block of the season. 

In the first quarter against the Lakers, Morant chased down Avery Bradley who was going for a layup and blocked the shot with both hands. In the process, he managed to hit the backboard with his elbow, an almost insane feat of athleticism from the 22-year-old. 

This set the tone for the game, with the Grizzlies winning comfortably despite another superhuman effort from LeBron James. James also reacted to Morant's block after the game, his praise for the youngster shared by Cooper Halpern on Twitter.

"It starts with timing, and stalking your prey...that guy's got rockets in his calf muscles."

This wasn't even his only incredible display of athleticism during the game, Morant nearly hit his head on the backboard while dunking during the same game. 

Ja left NBA fans in awe of his athleticism, with a number of fans on Reddit hardly able to believe what they had just seen from Morant.

relicofabygoneage: "This was one of the sickest blocks I've ever f**king seen."

nhthelegend: "Been watching ball for over 20 years now and no cap, that is one of the nastiest blocks I have ever witnessed."

NetflixAndNikah: "He jumped so high I was legitimately worried he was gonna just keep going WTF!"

ToparBull: "Personally I don't think it's fair that Ja gets to play with gravity set to 75% but IDK."

KwimboSlyce: "I can't even imagine being able to do this. It doesn't compute with me that humans can jump this high."

cheerio: "Put him in Space Jam. That looked like Jordan. Jesus every time I watch it I'm worried he's going to decapitate himself."

ItsNotTheB0at: "if that happened in 2K I'd call it a glitch. What the actual f**k?"

Spectre627: "This is seriously like a modern day Wilt Chamberlain highlight."

RyyKarsch: "My goodness. He's in the air for eternity."

1Upz: "Morant has legit springs for legs.... highest jumper I've seen since Vince Carter."

Yup767: "This might be the best block I've ever seen."

ezcheesy: "Oh my god, that's amazing! I don't think I've ever seen anything like that before - grab the ball with two hands, come down with it and sprint to the other end. He's a freak of nature."

Jaysaawn: "I think that's the most athletic thing I've ever seen."

Ja Morant had 16 points and 7 rebounds in this game but only had to play for 31 minutes as the Grizzlies systematically destroyed the Lakers. A 28-14 record means they are hot on the tails of the Utah Jazz and Ja has powered them to what is the NBA's current longest winning streak at 9. Morant will be aiming to make the All-Star team this season and it seems like he'll get it too.