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NBA Fans Argue Who Is The Best Player In This Pic: Clarkson, Russell, Ingram, Or Randle

NBA Fans Argue Who Is The Best Player In This Pic: Clarkson, Russell, Ingram, Or Russell

The Los Angeles Lakers have learned how to pick talented and promising players in recent years. However, they haven't seen those guys fulfill their potential on the team, just when they leave the franchise. We have seen several cases of this in recent seasons and although the team is doing more than fine now, you can't help but wonder how good they would be now if they kept at least two or three pieces from those rebuilding years.

Recently, The NBA Central shared a picture of four former Lakers players during their time with the team: Jordan Clarkson, D'Angelo Russell, Brandon Ingram, and Julius Randle. As you may know, all of the players developed and turned into big names in the league, some more than others, but every player in the picture made a name of themselves after leaving the franchise.

This sparked something inside Lakers and NBA fans, who started debating about the best and worst player in the picture, what would have happened if they stayed in Los Angeles, and even how different things would have been if LeBron James decided to develop them (at least Ingram) instead of trading the young core in exchange for Anthony Davis.

These posts always bring a lot of debates and make people imagine how good or bad one team would have been but the only certain thing is that these players are ballin' right now. They were paid last year and that shows how well they have developed. Moreover, they showed they were deserving of those contracts with their performances this year.

While Russell hasn't been the same player we saw in Brooklyn and is struggling in Minnesota, Julius Randle has blossomed into one of the stars of the surprising New York Knicks. Jordan Clarkson has found his place in the world in Utah and he's not leaving that while Brandon Ingram has demonstrated that he can play great basketball and become a superstar in the future.