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NBA Fans Asked Anthony Davis To Explain Video Of Him Getting Spanked In College


Anthony Davis recently made a virtual appearance on NBA Reddit, where he told fans to ask him whatever question they had in mind. In a partnership with Ruffles, AD showed up and fans were excited to see the 2020 NBA champion there, sharing some of his time with them. 

However, things got out of control really quickly and while some fans asked some really good questions like who is the hardest player he's had to guard in the league, others started trolling The Brow, asking weird things. One of the biggest questions he received came from one fan that wanted to know what really happened in an old video of AD in college. 

The footage shows the big man getting spanked and even though it's been years since that moment, the NBA community wants to know what went down before that video and why Davis was the victim there. Other fans tried to reply to that question, coming with very interesting explanations.

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They also asked the player if he enjoys all the nicknames he and LeBron James have received since they won the NBA championship last year. With the Orlando bubble held in the Walt Disney Resort, fans started to call the title a 'Mickey Mouse championship,' while LeBron became 'LeMickey' and Davis was 'ADisney.'

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We're living crazy times in the NBA and fans appear to have plenty of free time to come up with this stuff. Right now Davis is trying to win that back-to-back title with the Lakers, and he vowed that "when" they get their hands on the prize, he's getting a blonde stripe like his teammate Dennis Schroder. 

Right now the situation doesn't look very promising for the Lakers, as they've struggled to get the results in recent games. They need to step up even without LeBron James on the court and Davis is decided to help his team reach the playoffs. After that, it'll be a new competition for everybody.