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NBA Fans Call Out Udonis Haslem For Throwing A Chair: ‘Get On The Court And Do Something Then’

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Every team in the NBA needs veterans. Their presence, mentorship, and leadership help them navigate through the tough stretches of the season, even if they don't contribute as much on the court.

Udonis Haslem is a perfect example of that. He's the ultimate hype guy on the bench but he's also not afraid to call out the players, hold them accountable, and try and get in their ears when that's needed.

His contributions on the hardwood, however, have been pretty much non-existent for years now. In fact, some fans have even told him to just retire and come back to the team as an assistant coach.

That's why multiple people on Twitter roasted him again today as he threw a chair while yelling at his teammate in the huddle during their loss to the Milwaukee Bucks, calling him out and telling him to help on the court instead:

Haslem made just one appearance in what most likely will be his final season. He scored a grand total of four points and was ejected after getting into it with Dwight Howard.

So, yeah, some fans have a valid point calling him out and telling him to come back as an assistant. But hey, everybody needs a vet.