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NBA Fans Debate If LeBron James' Time In Los Angeles Is A Success Or Disappointment: "Anytime You Win A Championship, It Is A Huge Success."

LeBron James Is Not Giving Up On Winning An NBA Championship With The Lakers: “I Want To Do It Again.”

LeBron James just finished his fourth season with the Los Angeles Lakers after the team announced he won't return for the remainder of the campaign, as he keeps dealing with an injury. 

The King entered this season with high expectations, ready to lead the Purple and Gold to the promised land for the second time in three years, but things were incredibly wrong for them. The Russell Westbrook experiment didn't work out, injuries bothered them all season long and things never clicked. 

This season marked the second time LeBron's Lakers were eliminated from playoff contention, leaving many fans wondering if this is the end of an era for him. Moreover, people believe that his tenure with the Lakers has been a failure. Basketball Forever dropped this question recently, asking fans if they think LeBron's four years in L.A. have been a failure or success. 

Many fans reacted to that, most explaining that if he won a championship, that was already a success. However, others downplayed that title, which has been criticized by many people around the league. 

Success. People don’t realize how hard it is to win an NBA championship.

Success obviously

I’m not a bron fan but this can’t be a real post 😂😂 look at his achievements

Anytime you win a chip it’s a success, stop reaching 🤦🏻‍♂️

Bruh he won a chip it was a success

Bruh teams who made the playoffs 10 years in a row but lost would rather have missed it 9 times and won ONCE. Use common sense

Anytime u bring a championship to the city idc if it took 5 tries it’s a Sucess stop hating

1 chip is enough 💯

It’s a success cos they won a championship.. but the next 5-8 years are gonna be dark as hell for Lakers

1 ring is better than 4 deep playoff runs with no ring

Anytime you win a championship, it is a huge success

You really hate this man huh lol

People who consider that Disney world title as legit = 🤡😂

Is y’all serious do u know how many organizations have zero championships at all

IMO he has already reached goat status. Even if he misses playoffs until he retires, his body of work is unmatched 🤷‍♂️. The rest is all cherry on top of a legendary career. 4 Rings, 4 MVPs, NBA Leading Scorer. Numbers never lie 🐐

LeFail; 2020 was a Bubble championship

Failure we shouldn’t of signed him in the first place… imagine how good our young core would’ve been right now

he was 4th seed btw before he got injured his first year

I mean.. the goal is to win a championship. Y'all making fun of the "bubble ring" but guarantee you if the Clippers, Suns, Pelicans won that their fans would be flexing their FIRST ring 24/7 😂😂

Yea man championship huge fail 😎😎

Success and I don’t want to hear nothing about it was a Micky Mouse Championship bullshit.

Disappointment, 3/4 seasons they were favourites before the season

Does the Bubble Mickey Mouse Ring really count tho? Do you guys really count that Asterisk Ring?


Success cause a chip is a chip

He won a championship in that time. A title always counts as a success. But it was more disappointing

He won a championship so success

This is another interesting debate involving LeBron James, and it's clear that everybody will have a different opinion. Most people think he's done what the Lakers wanted him to do, even if he couldn't have another playoffs run outside of the Orlando bubble. James went there to win a championship and he did it. He surely wants to win more, although things are really complicated right now. Still, he gave his everything to take the Lakers to the promised land and nobody can change the fact that he won a title. Many people will find a way to dismiss that title, but LeBron won it and it definitely counts.