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NBA Fans Destroy Ja Morant After He Said He Would Cook Michael Jordan 1-On-1: "You Would Lose 21-0"

NBA Fans Destroy Ja Morant After He Said He Would Cook Michael Jordan 1-On-1: "You Would Lose 21-0"

Ja Morant loves himself some basketball, but if there is something he might love even more, then it is talking smack to people. Morant is not one to ever hold back with his words, but this time he might have taken it a step too far.

In a recent interview, he claimed that he'd cook Michael Jordan 1-on-1 and added that's the kind of mentality one needs to have. Once Morant's comments hit Twitter, fans unsurprisingly roasted him for his comments and stated that he'd get destroyed by Jordan.

"Not these kids talking smack on MJ. I can’t deal man."

"not a single soul is saying that Ja Morant is the next anything, but dude thinks he can cook the greatest player to ever do it. Thats the problem with today's youth, they have 0 respect for those that did it before them."

"And he would BBQ you @JaMorant"

"The irony of MJ still be measuring stick and has been retired for years"

"Looney cooked you lil bro. Sit this one out"

"Ja talks more than he hoops these days"

"Also Ja Morant (if he could play prime Jordan 5 minutes into the game): "I misspoke.""

"You Would Lose 21-0"

"This era is soft asf, Kobe cook everyone image MJ."

"As someone who watched Jordan’s entire career all the way from his UNC days, that take is laughable. Unless you watched Jordan you have no idea how good that dude really was. He was and is the best. Ja is good but Jordan would annihilate him."

"I like his mentality but cmon mj was one of the best defensive players of all time go back and look at the games"

"Can someone stop interviewing this guy? He’s ruining his rep with every interview."

"Ja can't even get past Jordan Poole in the playoffs. Dream on Kid."

"MJ would make him look like a 4th grader… 🤦🏾‍♂️"

"Ja how about you working on getting a jumper first. You're just a glorified Russell Westbrook at the moment."

"I think MJ could beat Morant up pretty badly on the court even today in his 50's!"

"Dream on rook! Know your on the moon after getting your first big check, but try winning something before you open your mouth way too wide!"

"I like Ja but he talks too much and he often straddles the line of confidence and disrespect"

"You didn't manage to cook the warriors much less his majesty MJ."

"You also have to have common sense"

Having confidence in your abilities and going with a mentality that there is no one better than you is all fine and good, but to a limit, probably. Jordan won Defensive Player of the Year in 1988 and was first-team All-Defense on 9 occasions, so we doubt Morant would cook him as he claims. We also know that Morant is pretty bad on defense and he would get absolutely annihilated by Jordan on that end.

He probably needs to stop talking for a little bit of time and just focus on his game for now. He and the Grizzlies look set to be contenders for a long time and it is up to him to ensure they do end up getting over the finish line at some point. If they don't, then comments like these will just end up backfiring big time.