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NBA Fans Laud Joel Embiid After 76ers Defeat Heat Upon His Return: "Embiid's Presence Alone Revived This Team."


Prior to Game 3 of the series between the Philadelphia 76ers and Miami Heat, it looked as though there was a legitimate chance that the Philadelphia 76ers would get swept in the series. Joel Embiid's status was up in the air, and the Philadelphia 76ers didn't get a single win in Miami.

However, everything changed in Game 3. Joel Embiid made his return and the Philadelphia 76ers ended up convincingly winning the game to put the series at 2-1. Though the Miami Heat are still in the lead, there's no doubt that this was a good game for the Philadelphia 76ers. Hopefully, Joel Embiid is good to play going forward.

A lot of NBA fans reacted to the win, with many of the comments lauding Joel Embiid for his impact on the team. Some fans even suggested that the 76ers would have swept the Heat if Joel Embiid was healthy for the whole series.

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The Philadelphia 76ers definitely have a good shot of winning this series if they are able to get the next game at home. With Joel Embiid on the court, anything is possible for the team, and they are a legitimate contender when he's playing. The defensive attention that he commands makes the game easier for his teammates.

The Miami Heat shouldn't be counted out though, even if this was an unfortunate loss for them. They still have the talent to get the job done against the Miami Heat. Jimmy Butler has been outstanding these entire playoffs, and he has a good amount of elite role players around him. They will however need to adjust their gameplan due to Joel Embiid's presence though, and it is likely that Erik Spoelstra will find a way to lessen Embiid's impact on the game.

This series is definitely shaping up to be exciting, and we'll see who comes out on top. Joel Embiid's return has definitely given the Philadelphia 76ers some momentum, and it seems as though things are looking up for the team in terms of their contending hopes.