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NBA Fans React To A Blockbuster Trade Idea Where The Miami Heat Would Land Kevin Durant: "Heat Are Ready To Risk It All"

Kevin Durant

The idea that Kevin Durant might be available in a trade is something that will pique the interest of every front office in the NBA. KD is a Top 5 player in the league currently, and someone with his skill set would make any team an instant contender for the championship. So as the drama around Kyrie Irving's contract continues to unfold in Brooklyn, there are undoubtedly teams across the league preparing for what it could mean for KD. 

And one of the teams that have been spoken about as having a serious interest in KD is the Miami Heat. Pat Riley has put together an extremely competitive roster around the talent of Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo, who are the only pieces considered untradeable, and adding Kevin Durant to that already potent pairing might just take them to the next level and get them over the hump. 

Fans are already excited about it and a mock trade on Instagram caught the attention of quite a few fans, with many debating if the Heat would pull the trigger on a trade of that nature. 

"5 FRP for a 34 y/o PF? That’s insane!"

"Heat are ready to risk it all."

"Anyone outside Jimmy and Bam for KD is worth it."

"Durant next to Jimmy is an instant ring, idc whatever anyone else has to say."

"KD is very expensive for any team. Basically you trade your future for a little hope of title."

"Tbh if Kyrie does leave I see him going to LAC and then KD will leave and I see him going to Miami."

"This is a decent trade package, I'd do this deal if I was on either team."

"This might be a lot."

"I don't know what I'd do if KD came to Miami."

"Teams will have to give up a king's ransom for Durant."

"This trade ain't half bad man."

Any team in the league would be lucky to have Kevin Durant and the post has suggestions for what other teams like the Suns and the Hawks might be able to offer as well. Miami is incredibly close to a ring already though, having been to the Finals and almost getting there again, so it might just be the place for KD.