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NBA Fans React To Brooklyn Nets Blowing Out Boston Celtics: "Who The F*ck Is Going To Beat These Brooklyn Nets?"

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(via Action Network)

(via Action Network)

The Brooklyn Nets are without a doubt the favorite to win the championship. They have two former MVPs in James Harden and Kevin Durant and a top-tier All-NBA caliber player in Kyrie Irving. There is no question that they are a powerful team and that they are the team to beat this season in the Eastern Conference.

They have recently gone up 2-0 in their series against the Boston Celtics, and their offense is playing at a high level. Their latest game against the Celtics was a blowout, and even during the game, fans were commenting on how the Brooklyn Nets may be unstoppable.

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There is no doubt that two games against the Celtics is a good sign, but there is still a long way to go. There are still 2 games left in the series, and their next opponent will be more formidable. The Brooklyn Nets have the talent to slice through any defense. We've often heard the adage "defense wins championships", and the Brooklyn Nets will be the biggest test of that, as they are an extremely potent offensive team, but just an okay defensive team. Hopefully, we see someone put up a fight against them, but it is extremely hard to match their firepower.