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NBA Fans React To Celtics Beating Nets After Jayson Tatum Buzzer-Beater: "Dear Basketball Gods, Please Give Us A 7-Game Nets-Celtics Series."

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Jayson Tatum

The recent game between the Brooklyn Nets and the Boston Celtics went down to the wire. The game finished 115-114 in the Celtics' favor, and Jayson Tatum hit a buzzer-beating layup to win the team the game at the end. This was a thriller through and through.

A lot of basketball fans reacted to Jayson Tatum winning the game for the Boston Celtics, with many fans stating that they want this series to go to 7 games. Some even claimed that this was an Eastern Conference Finals type series, which ended up happening in the first round. 

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This Boston Celtics-Brooklyn Nets series has it all. There are top-tier stars that are suiting up for both teams such as Jayson Tatum and Kyrie Irving, and thus far, it looks as though it will be an even matchup. Kyrie Irving notably had 39 points tonight, but it is clear that his performance was not enough to lift the Nets over the hump in a game where Kevin Durant struggled to get going.

The Brooklyn Nets finished the regular season the 7th seed, but many don't consider them to be a traditional 7th seed due to the amount of talent on the roster. A lot of people viewed the Brooklyn Nets as a championship contender going into the season, and despite the loss, this game shows why they are still an extremely dangerous team. The Boston Celtics are certainly a contender with good depth though, so an upset won't be easy for the Nets.

It remains to be seen how long this series will last. However, what's certain is that this is going to be an electric series with an intense atmosphere. Kyrie Irving has already taken hostile actions towards the Boston Celtics crowd, seemingly showing a Celtics fan the middle finger during the game. No matter the outcome, this series will be remembered for a long time.