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NBA Fans React To Charles Barkley Licking His Glasses To Clean Them: "Seeing Donuts In The Glasses."

NBA Fans React To Charles Barkley Licking His Glasses To Clean Them: "Seeing Donuts In The Glasses."

Inside The NBA on TNT is considered by many as the best basketball show on television. The show features Ernie Johnson as the host, and legends like Shaquille O'Neal, Charles Barkley, and Kenny Smith all talking about basketball. But there are also a lot of funny moments that occur during the show. One such moment occurred last night, but it wasn't the most hygienic moment.

During the show, Ernie Johnson threw it back to a clip of Charles Barkley trying to clean his glasses. But while cleaning his glasses, Barkley actually licked his glasses before wiping them with the cleaning cloth. It was a moment for which the rest of the panel made a lot of fun of him.

NBA fans reacted to Barkley's unique cleaning style. Some fans just mocked him, with one fan hilariously mentioning that Barkley was seeing donuts in the glasses, and that is what drove him to lick his lenses. Most fans were either amused or somewhat disgusted by Barkley's lense-cleaning process.

Lol mind y’all business

Old man tings

Not during a panini

Always something going in his mouth 🥸

Da f*q😂😂😂😂😂😂

You see him clean his phone screen too? 🤢 😂

Seeing donuts in the glass

Dawg definitely got covid lol

That’s how my grandpa did it 💀

Wtf chuck noooooooo

I’m crying 😂😂😂😂

I wish I was those glasses

Chuck freaky as hell 😂😂😂

Nah he tweakin

Just like he licks the glaze off his Krispy Kreme’s

All that money and he can't buy some eyeglass cleaner 🤦‍♂️

On national TV 😂🐐

I do the same shit tbh lmao…💀

“You have to get it wet first”😭😭😭

man y’all post this right after he spit facts on the Lakers 😭😭Y’all really don’t want me to be on his side huh😭

I love chuck lmaooo

Barkley's lense-cleaning was the subject of a lot of mockery on and off the court. But it did make for another hilarious moment on Inside The NBA on TNT. Moments like these where the crew tends to have fun amongst themselves and entertain the audiences at home are why the show is such a favorite of NBA fans.

Perhaps we will have more hilarious moments on Inside The NBA this season. Barkley himself has stated that he won't be doing the show for much longer, saying that he feels the end is near and he wants to enjoy the rest of his life without having any work obligations. Us fans will hope that his retirement is at least a few years away.