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NBA Fans React To Deandre Ayton’s New 'Zombie' Tattoo


Deandre Ayton surprised all NBA fans with a new back tattoo. The Phoenix Suns big man took a risk with this piece and seeing the reaction from fans, it didn't go well for him. Of course, this is something he wanted and as long as he's happy, he shouldn't care about other people's opinions. Still, that didn't prevent Twitter from going against him after seeing the pics of his new tattoo.

Deandre got a tattoo that says “DOMINAYTON” on his back, a combination of the word "domination" and his last name, "Ayton." It was a good idea, indeed, but the fans weren't so fond of the final outcome.

NBA Twitter remains undefeated. They really went after Ayton and his tattoo, but the player doesn't seem too worried about it. He's entering another season with the Phoenix Suns, trying to have a tenure as good as the one they had during the bubble. Ayton is a big part of the Suns' core and everybody in Phoenix expects him to have a good campaign.