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NBA Fans React To LeBron James Signing The Game Ball After Reaching 10K Points, 10K Rebounds, And 10K Assists: "That's Going To Become One Expensive Ball."

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When the greatest players set incredible and absurd records, one of the most valuable things to come out of those games is their jersey and the equipment they used to get there. In basketball, there isn't any equipment, so the game ball becomes the most important piece of memorabilia from the historic moment. LeBron's latest achievement of reaching 30K points, 10K rebounds, and 10K assists, will likely see the ball from that game gain great value. 

In addition to the significance of the ball itself, LeBron signed it after the game, only increasing its value. The King wrote the date of his record on the ball before adding the specifics of the record and following it up by adding his autograph as well as a crown signifying his nickname. 

NBA fans loved it, not just congratulating James on reaching the historic milestone but also observing that the ball would now be quite expensive for anyone to acquire.

mrceezey: "Congratulations King James!🔥"

elijahhernandez: "Legendary."

shopheene: "He not done! 40k, 10k, 10k."

sweet.p: "Wow! That’s awesome! Congratulations!! Beautiful handwriting, btw."

shy_city: "Even the man's crown has a signature."

kyle sears: "That’s going to become one expensive ball"

el_arquero: "That ball about to cost more than my house."

Just10Michael: "The best to ever do it."

Queen Jambala: "King thangs."

vibrantchaotic: "Man, if I could, I'd love to have that ball."

This likely won't be the last time James creates a ball with as much value as this one. If he breaks the all-time points record, that ball will likely be worth a lot too. And to say the least, the ball from LeBron's last ever game may turn out the most valuable of them all. While a lot of normal people likely can't afford it, whoever ends up getting this ball will certainly have a cool piece of memorabilia to display in their home.