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NBA Fans React To New Ben Simmons Workout Video: "We Do This Every Year. Stop."

Ben Simmons

It's been a pretty explosive summer for young star Ben Simmons.

After struggling to find his shot in the 2021 playoffs, and being eliminated by the young and inexperienced Atlanta Hawks, Simmons was put on blast by the NBA community.

Eventually, it was revealed that the relationship between Ben and the Sixers had fallen apart completely, and (according to the most recent reports) there's no turning back.

Amid all the drama going on about his future, Ben made sure to let the world know he was in the gym, working and honing his craft. It has become a yearly tradition.

Usually, players earn respect from the fans with these videos. It's a way for them to demonstrate their commitment to improving and winning at the highest level.

Unfortunately for the former LSU prospect, fans aren't buying it this time, not after years of watching his game remain largely the same year in and year out.

On the subject of these annual videos of Simmons, Charles Barkley perfectly encapsulated the feelings of the community back in September:

“Hey spice! I live in Philadelphia during the summer. This is the third year in a row they put up their bullsh** jump shot during the summer.

But this is so funny, you know, because I mean honestly, I’m in Philly all summer, so I get asked this question every day. This would be the third year in a row that he put up all these things during the summer, of him shooting a jump shot. I’m not falling for the banana in a tailpipe anymore. That’s exactly what it is.”

Needless to say, Ben Simmons can't expect the critics to let up with these workout videos. If he wants all the noise and hate to stop, he's going to have to show some progress where it counts and lead the Sixers to their best season yet.

We will see if he's up for the task.