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NBA Fans React To Russell Westbrook's Readiness To Fight Isaiah Stewart

Russell Westbrook Explains His Mid-Game Crip Walk: "All I Heard Was The Music And I Was Like, ‘Oh, This Is My Joint Right Here’… And Then My Feet Start Moving. That’s Just How It Works With Me.”

It was an eventful night in the 2021-22 NBA season as the Detroit Pistons hosted the Los Angeles Lakers. While many highlights of the game could be remembered, including Jerami Grant catching fire from beyond the arc and the Lakers overturning a 17-point deficit to win the game, the scuffle between LeBron James and Isaiah Stewart will be what most fans will remember.

In an attempt to box out while Grant took a free throw, LeBron left a trailing elbow on Stewart's eye, which he was not taking lightly. Stewart was ready to have a piece of James but was held down, after several attempts by security and members of the Pistons coaching staff.

While Stewart was determined to have a piece of LeBron, the Lakers players were equally as determined to protect their captain. DeAndre Jordan had already formed a stand-alone protective wall over LeBron. But what was more intriguing was Russell Westbrook's readiness to throw hands.

Mr. Triple-double had his knuckles up already, waiting for Stewart to cross to his side. Although he was held back by the Lakers coaching staff, Russ was ready to let Stewart put some work in before reaching LeBron.

Unknowingly to Russ at the time, his activities during that occurrence resulted in a technical foul, which the Pistons shot free throws for. Westbrook has been at the center of media attention lately, and fans had a field day coming at the Lakers star once again.

In the end, both LeBron and Stewart were thrown out of the game. It was only James' second game back from an abdominal injury. Stewart had a nasty cut, but the sophomore will be patched up and ready to go against the Miami Heat on Tuesday.

Russ put together a clinic in the fourth quarter to will the Lakers back from a 17-point deficit. He ended the game with 26 points, 10 assists, and 9 rebounds in 35 minutes of play.