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NBA Fans React To Viral Basketball Drill: "Fire These Coaches. What Is This Foolery?"

NBA Fans React To Viral Basketball Drill: "Fire These Coaches. What Is This Folery?"

Every once in a while, NBA fans find thought-provoking videos online, going crazy after watching weird stuff taking place on a court. Recently, fans couldn't understand what they were watching when Overtime shared a video of an odd drill carried out by high school players. 

The drills consisted of saving loose balls, which is considered normal by many. However, the second exercise drew more attention. They were practicing how to take charges, with offensive players not even dribbling the ball while running towards their 'defenders.' 

This didn't sit well with fans, who immediately reacted to the weird drills on social media. They didn't wait to trash the coaches and the people who thought that was a legit drill for young players. 

Even Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell reacted to the footage, wondering what they were doing with those drills. 

Nothing we say can do justice to the video, and nothing we say can express the reactions better than fans themselves. Still, some people said they did some of these exercises when they were young, so probably these guys aren't making up anything there. 

It's still interesting to see the players so invested in these drills and cheering each other after completing the moves. It remains unclear if they suffered any injury doing that, but they looked in great spirits after clashing with each other. 

Knowing how to take charges helped plenty of people in the NBA and perhaps these young men are getting ready for that. Still, the general consensus is that they aren't doing anything beneficial with that drill.