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NBA Fans Roast Ben Simmons After Annual Shooting Video Goes Viral: "Same August Vids Every Year"

Channing Frye Gives Some Shooting Advice To Ben Simmons- "Work With The Other Hand, Because Then It’s New, It’s Fresh And You Don’t Have The Yips.”

Death. Taxes. Ben Simmons offseason videos shooting 3s? This has apparently become a tradition ever since the Philadelphia 76ers point guard entered the NBA in 2016. 

Simmons has been heavily criticized for his shooting struggles, and that hasn't changed this offseason. In fact, he received more criticism than ever after his poor performances hurt the Sixers in the second round of the 2021 NBA playoff. 

As every year, Simmons was recorded at the gym, making 3-pointers, shooting from long distances, making those shots, and looking pretty comfortable while doing it. In recent hours, another video surfaced showing the Australian point guard going at it, sinking shots with extreme ease. 

NBA fans aren't falling for this, and they took a lot of shots at Ben for posting the same videos every year and never taking shots during the NBA regular season. This has been common in the last couple of campaigns, but nobody is buying this anymore. 

Fans are ready to see Simmons make an actual change and start attempting all these shots in actual games, where they really matter. The talented playmaker has been linked with a move away from Philadelphia, even cutting communications with the team and letting his agent Rich Paul do all the talking with the franchise. 

It looks like we're living the last days of Simmons wearing a Sixers jersey, but he's getting ready to face a new season where the pressure will be huge either he stays or leaves.