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NBA Fans Roast JR Smith After His Tweet: “Who The Hell Put These Letters In Math And Why?”

NBA Fans Roast JR Smith After His Tweet: “Who The Hell Put These Letters In Math And Why?”

JR Smith's journey over the last year has been a fun one for fans to watch. Smith joined North Carolina A&T State University, in order to pursue higher education, and represent the university as a part of their golf team. JR has been chronicling much of his experience at the university, much to the delight of many NBA fans, who have rejoiced and enjoyed watching him.

But JR Smith has also expressed frustration, doing so most recently on Twitter, asking fans online who thought it was a good idea to include alphabets and letters in math and trying to understand why this was even done. Clearly, JR Smith isn't enjoying his experience with algebra at the moment.

NBA fans reacted to his Tweet hilariously. Some roasted JR Smith for struggling with algebra, whereas there were other fans who seemed more sympathetic to Smith himself. All the fans chimed in for some hilarious comments, both at JR's expense and in his defense.

Fans were both supportive and savage when it came to JR's struggles with Algebra. But for the most part, this has been a very interesting journey for JR Smith. He hasn't always appreciated the way people have reacted to his academic venture, once calling out HouseOfHighlights for posting a TikTok that made fun of him, and his supposed love for Hennessy.

On the golf course, JR Smith has gotten the opportunity to represent the university in NCAA tournaments. His former teammate, LeBron James, expressed how proud he was to see him doing well. But his luck hasn't been all that great on the greens, once getting stung by bees after accidentally stepping on a nearby beehive while playing on the course.

Perhaps JR will be able to overcome algebra in the future. But for now, he really seems to be struggling with the subject.