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NBA Fans Roast Paul Pierce For Praising Himself On Twitter: "He Meant To Post It On His Burner Account"

Credit: AP

Credit: AP

Paul Pierce is one of the favorite victims of NBA fans. The Boston Celtics icon earned a lot of criticism during and after his professional career, especially with his takes on LeBron James. 

The Truth never hid his confidence in himself. He put himself a lot higher than other players like Klay Thompson and Dwyane Wade more than once. All these takes earned him a lot of jokes from fans, and none of that has changed. 

Whenever he takes to social media, Pierce gets trolled hard. Yet, that doesn't matter for the player, who lives in his own world without paying much attention to the outside noise. 

Recently, however, he was spotted doing something that raised many eyebrows around the community. The 2008 NBA champion tweeted a pic of himself accompanied by a big compliment.

"Paul Pierce, the Boston Celtics legend and Hall of Famer, was better than you think," a screenshot shared by NBA Memes reads. 

It didn't take long for fans to react to this. They blasted No. 34 for his take, comparing this tweet to when Kevin Durant exposed himself tweeting something meant for his burner account with his real one. 

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As stated before, Pierce is always subject to jokes and criticism. The player had a very good NBA career, but his mouth created some problems for him in recent years.

Either it is his hot takes or his controversial Instagram Live, The Truth does and says whatever he takes without thinking much about the consequences. 

He was recently welcomed by Showtime Sports, which means he's set to continue his career as an analyst following his tumultuous exit from ESPN a couple of months ago. This man is as entertaining as they come and we're sure he'll continue getting big reactions from fans whatever his new role with this network is.