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NBA Insider Reveals Victor Oladipo Could Come Back Early From Quad Injury: "He's Ahead Of Schedule... He Could Be Hooping By December."

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As unfortunate as they are, injuries are a part of every single sport. They can range in severity, but throughout the course of the season, there will certainly be times that players aren't playing due to the injury factor. Injuries can derail a whole season for a team, and hopefully, there are as few of them as possible next season.

Victor Oladipo is a player that suffered a quad injury during his time with the Miami Heat. When he's fully healthy, Victor Oladipo is certainly a great two-way talent. He was supposed to be a free agent who commanded a multi-year deal in free agency this season, however, the aforementioned injury derailed any chances of that happening. He did end up signing a veteran minimum deal with the Miami Heat.

While Oladipo was expected to sit out a while with his quad injury, it seems as though he could be back earlier than expected. On an episode of the Five On The Floor podcast, Greg Sylvander of Five Reasons Sports Network revealed that Oladipo could potentially be back by December, around when the season starts.

“Sources close to Oladipo’s process throughout the summer have maintained he’s ahead of schedule and that there is an expectation surrounding him that he could be hooping by December. That is a completely different timeline than I had been conceptualizing as somebody following this team. I was looking at more like the All-Star break. So the fact that he is advancing and looking like he is ahead of schedule and should be able to play basketball, let’s just say Christmas. I’m throwing out an arbitrary date in December for instance. That’s so much sooner than I was counting on Oladipo.”

It seems as though the Miami Heat could get a really valuable player back in Oladipo, and he will likely be a part of their championship push this season. Hopefully, Oladipo comes back fully healthy, and it would be amazing to see him perform well this season.