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Nina Westbrook Puts Skip Bayless On Blast For Blocking Her On Twitter: "If You're Able To Use Your Platform To Degrade My Husband, At Least Be Man Enough To Deal With The Consequences."

Russell Westbrook

Skip Bayless has always been one of Russell Westbrook's harshest critics. Since his days in Oklahoma City, Russ has had to endure heat from the sports analyst for a multitude of different things.

After Westbrook put on a Lakers jersey, Bayless has only doubled-down his assault on the former MVP which has led to the point guard's wife to respond:

"I just found out that @skipbayless blocked me on Twitter... as though I'm the one constantly harassing him and calling him out of his name.

Mr. Bayless. I'm a real person. If you're able to use your platform to degrade my husband and constantly call him out of his name then at least be adult enough to deal with the consequences of your actions. Don't try to erase me from your reality to make yourself feel better about your choice.

I'm still here. There's no need to block me. Just be respectful, and I have no reason to respond or remind you of your reckless choices. Just do better."

Bayless seems to have a rivalry that extends beyond just Russ. His wife, Nina, and even the city of Oklahoma have battled Skip in the past.

On hid podcast, the FOX Sports analyst revealed the time he got death threats in OKC (his birth city) for his stance on the 9x All-Star.

"I poured over responses day and night. And guess what I started to see as we rolled towards those Finals? Death threats," said Skip. "From Thunder fans in my hometown of Oklahoma City. Real, live, hardcore death threats. I thought legitimate death threats but I passed them on to ESPN security who came back to me 'yep, legit. Need to be taken seriously.' So as we were about to venture to Oklahoma City, my hometown, they had to hire me a bodyguard who wound up being an LA cop whose primary duty was to serve and protect the Chief of police when he went out in public. And he protected and served me in Oklahoma City, almost to a fault. But I'll admit it, I was a little creeped out. A little anxious."

Westbrook is certainly not the only one to blame for L.A.'s rough season. Many factors are at play that have held them back.

But when you look at his performance, and his history with the Thunder, Rockets, and Wizards, it really makes you question what kind of impact he has.

As for the beef between Nina and Skip, there's no telling if that will ever get better but it's clear she's not afraid to call him out.