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Paolo Banchero Eyes Being Drafted With The 1st Pick: "I Feel Like I Am The Best Player In The Draft."

Paolo Banchero Eyes Being Drafted With The 1st Pick: "I Feel Like I Am The Best Player In The Draft."

The 2022 Draft is going to be absolutely stacked atop the class with three frontcourt players that could be game-changing for the league. Chet Holmgren, Jabari Smith Jr., and Paolo Banchero are the prized picks of this draft. The Orlando Magic, Oklahoma City Thunder, and Houston Rockets will be the most likely destinations for these three players.

Where each player goes is unclear and will remain so until the draft this week. Holmgren is widely projected to be the 1st pick and go to Orlando Magic, reuniting with his childhood best friend and son of his first basketball coach, Jalen Suggs. That leaves the likelihood of Jabari Smith Jr. going to OKC as a perfect fit into their system.

So what about Paolo Banchero? Banchero was one of the best players in the NCAA all-season long but was projected by us to be drafted 3rd by the Houston Rockets. Banchero may slide to 3, but is well aware of his value and believes he is the best player in the Draft.

Banchero is most definitely going to come into the league with a very polished skill-set for the NBA. He has good handles, explosive finishing power, ar reliable jump shot, and great defensive potential. In most drafts, this would be the consensus #1 pick.

Holmgren's size and ability to shoot makes him a unicorn that many people believe could be an all-time great. Jabari Smith has an extremely high upside with his athletic gifts and ability as a three-level scorer. Banchero is less flashy and doesn't have one clear upside in terms of his game. But he has a very well-developed floor and could make an instant impact in the league.

The 6'10 forward is building his own value up, but some all-time and current greats were drafted at 3 coming into the NBA. Michael Jordan is the best example historically and even Luka Doncic came in at 3 in 2018. The draft position won't impact Banchero's career, but his determination to work and his fit in whichever team he goes to may be the biggest factors.