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Patrick Beverley Called The Los Angeles Lakers “The Ops” On Live TV: “Not The Ops, But The Competition”

Patrick Beverley Called The Los Angeles Lakers “The Ops” On Live TV: “Not The Ops, But The Competition”

NBA players are trying to change how things are done in the media. Not only Kevin Durant have an issue with how things are handled by analysts, but other players have shown their unhappiness with some of the takes we see on TV every day. 

This happened before, but during the 2022 NBA playoffs, we've seen former and current players joining networks to bring a fresh perspective to every NBA-related matter. ESPN has done a very good job with this, adding JJ Redick, CJ McCollum, and Patrick Beverley to their lineup this postseason. 

They already had former players like Richard Jefferson and Kendrick Perkins, but it's good to see players who are competing in the association right now voice their opinions on a big platform. Recently, Redick and McCollum cooked Stephen A. Smith when he made a random take about Russell Westbrook, calling him out for his issues with the Los Angeles Lakers superstar. 

While some fellow players defend each other, Patrick Beverley has attacked some of his peers recently, especially Chris Paul. Moreover, he was addressing the Los Angeles Lakers' biggest challenge for the next season and called the Purple and Gold 'the ops' on live TV before apologizing for his language. 

Pat Bev explained that the Lakers didn't have an identity, and that obviously hurt their chances to be successful this season:

"...I think they have a lot of room for improvement. I don't know where they go, I don't know how that starts. Obviously, they're the ops-- I mean, not the ops, but competition. That's Chicago, I'm sorry. But they're on the other side right now, so I don't wanna help nobody out," Beverley said while Malika Andrews, and especially Vince Carter, cracked up at his words. 

Bev also has some beef with some Lakers players, especially Russell Westbrook. Still, that doesn't change the fact that he didn't tell any lies and perfectly explained what went wrong for the Lakers from the very beginning. 

Now, they have a new head coach that will try to take them to the top of the league again. Meanwhile, Beverley is doing his job at ESPN and he seems to be having fun. He still needs time to adapt and pick better words when he's on live TV, but nobody can deny he's not entertaining.