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Patrick Beverley Says Stephen Curry Is 'Right There' With LeBron James On NBA All-Time List

Steph Curry and LeBron James

Where does Stephen Curry rank on your list of All-Time greats? If you ask Patrick Beverley, he belongs right up there with LeBron at the top.

Speaking on ESPN's 'Get Up', he explained why he regards Curry so highly:

"Man, they right there. He's changed the game, LeBron's changed the game. Of course, everyone knows that.. what Steph Curry has done, these guys are shooting threes and they're not looking anymore. He has changed the game, he looks good doing it. He's the golden boy, everyone knows that. It just works for him and he got the basketball to back it up so he's right there."

Curry, 34, is an 8x All-Star, 2x scoring leader, 2x MVP, and 3x NBA champion. Most impressive of all, however, is the way he has changed the game.

As the best long-distance shooter the basketball world has ever seen, Curry revolutionized the NBA by popularizing the three-pointer and forcing teams to prioritize the shot in an unprecedented way.

During an interview with All The Smoke hosts Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson, Shaquille O'Neal raved about the Warriors star and the impact he has made on the game:

"Steph Curry is messing the game up. I'm on the internet now, I see a bunch of little kids dribbling, shooting 100 footers… He’s doing something for them, he has given them a chance… Steph is probably the most influential player when it comes to little people, right? Cause I see a lot of little guards, like little kids… they’re doing stuff I can’t even do, and it’s good. I used to hate him, early on in his career… But he proved me wrong, that’s why he’s my best player. I like being proved wrong. So my message to these young kids when I say something, prove me wrong."

Despite an extensive history of success, Curry has led the Warriors back to the top of the basketball world. With just a few more wins to go before winning the title, they have the chance to reclaim their place at the top of the hierarchy.

No matter what happens in these playoffs, Steph has already done more than enough to cement his place alongside the NBA greats.