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Patrick Beverley Takes A Shot At Stephen Curry's Defense

Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

Patrick Beverley's feud with the Golden State Warriors is not finished, even after his biggest rival Kevin Durant left the team to join the Brooklyn Nets in the summer. Bev doesn't miss any chance to throw shade at the Dubs and he recently remembered everybody he's not a fan of the team, especially Stephen Curry.

There has been an ongoing debate on which team would prevail between the 1996 Chicago Bulls and the 2017 Golden State Warriors.

Beverley tried to give his opinion, telling people to study the 6th and 7th men of any team to have a clear answer about the winner of a hypothetical matchup since it was hard to pick the better team using only the starters.

That was fine, it was a smart response. However, things got out of control when somebody said the current Warriors coach Steve Kerr 'can't guard anyone', calling him a 'liability.'

Bev saw his chance and took it, taking a shot at Curry, implying he couldn't guard anybody, either.

"Some would say the same about steph," Beverley wrote on Twitter.

Beverley and the Warriors have engaged in a feud for some time now. The Los Angeles Clippers guard has shown his dislike with the Dubs whenever he's had the chance and he doesn't miss an opportunity to attack Curry, a player who's been criticized for his lack of defensive effort night in night out.