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Pau Gasol Reveals That He's Exploring A Potential Role In Warriors Organization: "It's Been Nice, And Maybe I'm Going To Do That More And More As I Go Forward."

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Pau Gasol

Pau Gasol is a Los Angeles Lakers legend. He has won two championships with the team as Kobe Bryant's co-star. While Pau Gasol's playing days are over, there's no doubt that he is an extremely knowledgeable person when it comes to the game of basketball.

It seems as though Pau Gasol's expertise could potentially land him a role in an NBA organization. When speaking to JJ Redick on The Old Man and the Three podcast, Pau Gasol revealed that he's exploring a "potential role" and going "under the radar with the Warriors". 

"I'm exploring a potential role with a team. I've been going a little bit under the radar with the Warriors, and they've kind of opened their doors for me to come in and be part of meetings, see the guys a little bit, and talk to some of the guys. It's been nice, and maybe I'm going to do that more and more as I go forward.

"But again, I don't want to rush into anything just yet. I want to get a feel, I want to learn, I want to observe, I want to see what kind of calls me, where I can get something that makes sense for me to gravitate into slowly. No rush right now, just enjoying what I have."

Not all former players end up doing well in front office roles. However, Pau Gasol has a winning pedigree and is obviously trying to soak in knowledge and learn the ins and outs of being in the front office.

It would definitely be good to see Pau Gasol back in the NBA, even if it is in a front-office capacity. He could definitely provide some unique insight about the game, and he has many admirers among current players, including Russell Westbrook. We'll see if he ends up getting a role with the Golden State Warriors.