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Paul Gasol Reveals What Kobe Bryant Learned From Him: "A Close Person To Him Told Me That I Taught Him Empathy..."

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Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol make up one of the most recognizable duos in Lakers' history. They won two championships together in the 2009 and 2010 seasons, and the two shared a very close bond both on the court and off the court. Both made multiple All-Star teams and had amazing individual careers as well.

Pau Gasol has been outspoken in the past about how Kobe Bryant impacted him. He even named his newborn daughter after the late Gianna Bryant. Kobe Bryant was clearly an important figure in his life, and like many others, Gasol was affected deeply by his passing.

In a recent article by Melissa Rohlin of Fox Sports, Gasol was asked about the "greatest lesson" he taught Kobe Bryant. Gasol initially stated didn't think that he taught Kobe Bryant much, though later stated that a "close person" told him that Gasol managed to teach Bryant empathy for others.

When asked what was the greatest lesson he taught Bryant, Gasol shrugged at first. "I don't know if I taught him much," he said before recalling a conversation that reminded him otherwise.

"A close person to him told me that I taught him empathy, which is something that I guess I'm honored and proud of to share that with him," Gasol said.

There is no doubt that empathy is a really valuable skill when connecting with other people, and Gasol is right to feel "honored and proud" after getting told that by a person Kobe Bryant was close with. 

Kobe Bryant touched the hearts and lives of many, and he inspired millions around the world with his Mamba mentality. However, it seems as though he spent time not only improving on the court but also learning non-basketball things from others, such as Pau Gasol. Pau Gasol learned a lot from Kobe Bryant, but the converse is also true.