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Paul Pierce Says LeBron James Would Be No. 2 Behind Michael Jordan If He Wins The NBA Championship This Year

(via Insider)

(via Insider)

Paul Pierce and LeBron James have never liked each other. It's been like that since James was an up-and-coming rookie and it's only gotten worse as the years go by, especially with The King constantly getting the best of The Truth when they match up.

And now that Pierce retired to become an analyst, the Boston Celtics' icon has had its fair share of bold takes, especially when it comes to demeaning LeBron James or anything Miami Heat-related.

He went as far as to say that LeBron James shouldn't be considered a Top-5 player in NBA history, just to change his stance a couple of days later, presumably after being under heavy fire on social media.

Now, however, The Truth has taken it a step further, claiming that he would be willing to put LeBron James right behind Michael Jordan as the second greatest player of all time if he were to win the NBA Championship in the bubble.

"It's not easy to make an NBA Finals. To be able to do it 10 times. He's moving up there. Imma keep it real. If LeBron James - if he wins a title this year, I'll put him right behind Michael Jordan," Pierce said on ESPN.

Yikes. That must have been difficult for Paul Pierce, and it hasn't been easy days for him lately, to say the least, with the Boston Celtics getting completely exposed by the Miami Heat.

Now, Pierce will have to sit there and watch his lifelong rivals Miami Heat facing his other lifelong rivals Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals. I'm assuming he'll be rooting for coach Spoelstra and Miami to "Beat LA".