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Philadelphia Comedian Says Kevin Durant Lacks The Mental Toughness To Play For The 76ers: "They Gonna Eat That Muthaf**ker Alive If He Don't Perform."

Kevin Durant

Philadelphia is well known to be a pretty intense sports town. The area absolutely loves their teams and always shows up and shows out for whichever major squad is playing.

It's no different for the 76ers, who have a large following of hard-core and dedicated fans.

And while Kevin Durant could soon join the Sixers, not everyone is convinced he has what it takes to survive playing in the city of Brotherly Love. In a chat on IG Live, Philly local and comedian Cling Coley dropped a bombshell on what to expect if KD does end up playing for the Sixers.

(via Brandon 'Scoop B' Robinson):

"He don't have the mental toughness to play in Philly. They gonna eat that muthaf**ker alive if he don't perform. You thought Oklahoma City was bad? The guys at the arena, they're ruthless, dawg. So, would I want him? Absolutely. But he has to be in the right mental space to be able to block out the bad games."

The problem isn't Durant's talent. As Coley told Scoop, Durant is a guy who can take the Sixers all the way -- and that's worth some major consideration if you're Daryl Morey and the front office.

"I love Maxey, he's got heart. But if he's included in the trade package, oh well. To me, the Bucks and Giannis, that's who you need to go through. And I'm gonna be honest with you, it ain't Maxey. You need Kevin Durant."

Kevin Durant could work with the Sixers if he comes in with the right mindset and attitude. If he lives up to expectations and stops causing drama, the city will embrace him. But if he struggles to play and causes a division in the locker room, fans will not hold back on publicizing their disappointment.

Considering Durant's current behavior with the fans, he probably wouldn't do well in an environment where the whole base has turned against him. So if KD does get sent to Philadelphia, he's going to have to be at the absolute top of his game.