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Phoenix Suns Got Booed By Their Own Fans At Halftime In Game 7 Against The Dallas Mavericks

Phoenix Suns Got Booed By Their Own Fans At Halftime In Game 7 Against The Dallas Mavericks

Losing a Game 7 in a best-of-7 series is very disheartening for any team. But what's worse than that? Getting booed from your own fans. Yes, that's what happened in the Phoenix Suns vs. the Dallas Mavericks fixture in the Western Conference Semifinals.

Coming into the Game 7 of the series, the Suns were the heavy favorites to win it and qualify for the Western Conference Finals. But when the game started, the hopes of that happening started to fade away real quick.

The Suns were outplayed by the Mavericks at every step of the game. Moreover, by halftime, the Suns were already down by 30 points. Many fans had already given up on the game at that moment. The said fans were so disappointed in their team that they started to boo their own team at halftime.

For a team that finished with 64 wins in the regular season, it was a truly disappointing performance. If the match was close and the Suns lost, it would have softened the blow for fans.

Unfortunately, that's not what happened, and the Suns' journey in the 2022 playoffs is now over. The salt on the wounds was that a few fans also burned Chris Paul's jersey following this underwhelming performance from their team.

Speaking of CP3, he has now lost five series where his team has taken a 2-0 lead. This is the most number of losses for a player in NBA history in a best-of-7 playoff series.

At the end of the day, the Suns had just one of those days where no matter how hard you tried, you failed to make even the easiest shots. Instead of getting demotivated after this series loss, the Suns should ensure that it serves as motivation for them in the next season. Maybe this way, they will win an NBA Championship with the superstar duo of Chris Paul and Devin Booker.