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PJ Tucker Wore $50K Nike MAG Shoes For Game 2 Of The Finals


PJ Tucker is definitely a sneaker connoisseur and probably the biggest collector in the NBA and the world. He's said to own 5000 pairs of shoes, and some of them are really something else. 

A couple of months after he surprised the world by wearing a pair of Carmelo Anthony's “PRFC” Air Jordan 5 PE’s (shoes made exclusively for Melo's NASL soccer team in Puerto Rico), the Milwaukee Bucks star is back at it, showing off another rare and expensive pair of sneakers. 

Ahead of Game 2 of the 2021 NBA Finals, Tucker arrived in the Phoenix Suns Arena wearing the Nike MAG Back to the Future.


The original 2011 release saw 1,500 pairs made, with them currently going for north of $12,000 on the secondary market, but these appear to be the 2016 release (as evidenced by the blue lighting of the midsole) which had only 89 pairs made and were given away in a raffle to benefit the Parkinson’s Foundation (raising over $6 million) and now go on the secondary market for a staggering $50,000. 

PJ keeps demonstrating he's the best of the best when it comes to sneakers. The player has shown off a lot of great models since always, but recently, he's raising the bar very high.