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Rajon Rondo Had The Best Outfit For The Halloween: "Who Want Smoke"

Rajon Rondo Has The Best Outfit For The Halloween: "Who Want Smoke"

This Halloween, Rajon Rondo did a terrific job showing up with an impressive costume that might have beaten what other players did. NBA players went off this weekend, showing their creativity with outfits. 

LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, Robin Lopez, Karl-Anthony Towns and more shared their costumes on social media, enchanting fans with their ideas. James and Lopez made a terrific impression after going as Freddie Krueger and Batman (joined by The Penguin), respectively. 

We saw great attires over the weekend, but Rajon Rondo arguably beat all of them. The Los Angeles Lakers point guard, and his wife became plastic soldiers for Halloween 2021. 

"Who want smoke," the 2x NBA champion captioned the pics with. 

These toys were iconic for every kid in the world and Rajon really pulled it off when he decided to go with this. The pictures look incredible and everybody praised the player and his wife for such a great job. 

Back in reality, Rondo and his Lakers keep trying to improve their level after a tumultuous first two weeks of competition. The veteran is trying to help this team win another championship after taking the Larry O'Brien trophy in the Orlando bubble. 

They have assembled a terrific team to face this season, but things started slow for the purple and gold. They're finally above .500 this campaign and will try to keep the good pace against the Houston Rockets. 

This is an intense season for the Lakers. They know they're championship favorites and want to live up to the expectations. Yet, the NBA has proved that this won't be easy to achieve. They need to fight hard to put their hands on the trophy again. 

At least Rondo is ready and offering smoke to whoever challenges the Lakers.