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A Referee Asked Theo Pinson To Change His T-Shirt And Offered To Buy Him A New One, But Pinson Refused To Change His T-Shirt

Referee Asked Theo Pinson To Change His T Shirt And Offered To Buy Him A New One, But Pinson Refused To Change His T Shirt

The Golden State Warriors traveled to Dallas to take on the Mavericks in Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals. The Warriors were coming to Dallas with a 2-0 series lead over the Mavericks and were looking to extend it to 3-0.

With what's at stake for both teams, the referees would be expected to be focused on the game and making sure everything went smooth. But in trying to do so, one referee made an unusual request to Mavs star Theo Pinson, only to be ignored.

The Golden State Warriors were set to play Game 3 in their white and yellow uniforms. During the warm-ups, Theo Pinson, who would not be playing, came to the arena wearing a white t-shirt.

Anticipating potential confusion due to Pinson wearing the same color t-shirt as the Warriors, one NBA referee asked Pinson to change his shirt, even offering to buy him a new one. Pinson agreed to do so, but during the game, Pinson was spotted in the same white t-shirt while on the Mavericks bench.

Referee: "Do me a favor. Change your color shirt. I appreciate it.

Pinson: "Why?"

Referee: "Because it's the same color shirt as them and you're going to be in the way. You could do that for me? I'd even buy it for me. This don't match anyway."

It was a minor issue for the referees, so Pinson ignoring their request is unlikely to get him some kind of punishment.

The referees caught a lot of flack later in the game for ruling Andrew Wiggins' incredible dunk on Luka Doncic an offensive foul.

The decision was challenged and overturned by the Golden State Warriors, but many fans were unhappy with them. Even Seth Curry, Stephen Curry's brother and someone who played for both teams called out the referee for trying to make the playoffs about him by calling the dunk an offensive foul.