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Reggie Miller On Stephen Curry: "He’s A Lot Like Wilt And Shaq And Jordan, Iverson. They Changed Things."

Reggie Miller On Stephen Curry: “He’s A Lot Like Wilt And Shaq And Jordan, Iverson. They Changed Things."

Stephen Curry has made history with the Golden State Warriors, becoming the franchise all-time scoring leader on Monday, surpassing Wilt Chamberlain. Chef Curry went off with 53 points on the Denver Nuggets, enchanting people around the world once again. The point guard has been getting praise for quite some time now and he's not stopping there.

The latest name to give some props to Curry was Reggie Miller, one of the best shooters in the league and one of Curry's idols growing up. The former player-turned analyst had nothing but good things to say about the Warriors superstar, comparing him to some all-time greats for his impact on the game and how he's changed things in the league.

“He’s a lot like Wilt and Shaq and Jordan, Iverson. They changed things. They changed how the game is perceived and played," Miller said in an interview with ESPN.

The Indiana Pacers legend remembered another great shooter, whom he believed was the greatest of all time until Curry came and changed the way basketball is played in the NBA.

“He is. He is … I always thought Drazen Petrovic was — because we played the same position, and I had to see it up close, I thought he was the greatest shooter that I had ever seen up close, but Steph has just taken shooting to a different level.”

Truth be told, Curry is the main responsible for the 3-point revolution in the league. Back in the day, we had players like Larry Bird, Miller, Ray Allen, and more who can shoot 3s consistently. However, when Curry and Klay Thompson landed in the league, things took a bigger dimension and they changed everything not only for the Golden State Warriors but the entire NBA.

Steph keeps breaking and setting records in the league with his 3-pointers and he's not stopping here. He has big plans for himself and the team and as long as he keeps shooting the ball this way, the Warriors will have a big chance to compete for everything.