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Richard Jefferson: "LeBron James Is The Greatest Scorer Of All Time"

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Richard Jefferson appears to be made to make media content as he's always bringing a lot of interesting takes and people respect him a lot for that. Recently, he explained why he'd pick Kyrie Irving to take the last shot to save his life and remembered the time when Michael Jordan cooked the New Jersey Nets to take his personal revenge. 

Well, he's back at it and in recent hours, he sat down with Gilbert Arenas on his 'No Chill' podcast, where he talked about a series of NBA-related topics. One of those was the greatest scorer of all time and while most people would say Michael Jordan, Kevin Durant, or Kobe Bryant, to name a few, RJ went with LeBron James, explaining why he feels that way. 

“LeBron James. I hear exactly what you’re saying, and people might disagree with me. But understand this – the greatest scorer is, its consistency, its longevity, and its amount. It might not be these crazy numbers. For me, I was never a 40-point-per-game (guy). Every night, you were going to get, at my best, between 17 and 30 every single night. I was not a 9-point, then 51, 22. I was just very consistent.”

He then talked about the time LeBron has been around in the league, explaining it will be impossible for somebody to surpass James given his longevity and how dominant he's been not only in the regular season but the playoffs. 

“LeBron James’ playoff scoring, he passed Michael Jordan three seasons ago. He’s going to add to that before his career ends. So to pass LeBron James, an all-time playoff scoring record, somebody is going to have to do what? Average 30 points a game, and go to like 13 NBA Finals. That’s just not going to be broken… And then he’s going to pass Kareem.”

This is a very interesting take from Jefferson. A lot of people believe LeBron is not a scorer and knowing the fact that he's more known as a playmaker, is easy to get confused. Well, this man is a menace in front of the basket and even though he has proven to be one of the best facilitators in NBA history, James can score at will and all the points he's made in his career are the biggest proof of that.