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Richard Jefferson Says Dennis Rodman Was A Superstar: 'He Averaged 15, 16, 15 Rebounds Per Game While Maybe Being The Best Defensive PF In The Game.'

(via Flipboard)

(via Flipboard)

Richard Jefferson engaged in a big battle with fans on Twitter. After the former player-turned-analyst claimed he loves to see the superteams assembled this offseason, NBA fans went off on him, saying that not every team with three stars should be considered a superteam. 

After he mentioned the Chicago Bulls from 1996 through 1998, things went down, and several fans tried to lecture RJ on this topic. When somebody said the team's only stars were Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, Jefferson explained how important Dennis Rodman was for that team while being another star in the league. 

He joined at 34 and left at 36 so nice try. His 3 years there he averaged 15, 16, 15 rbs per game while being maybe being the best defensive PF in the game. He was A SUPERSTAR in his role just like Gobert is. Oh should we talk about Kukoc? Go check out his numbers.

This didn't stop there, as other fans tried to discredit RJ's takes, but the 2016 NBA champion was ready to fire back at everything. 

More fans joined the conversation, explaining their points of view, some agreeing with the sharpshooter while others said something different. 

Superteams are a hot topic in the NBA right now. After the Lakers assembled one with Carmelo Anthony and Russell Westbrook, these debates have been hotter than ever, and RJ jumped on that train, even firing back at Charles Barkley for criticizing LeBron James' superteams. As usual, not everybody will agree with certain opinions, but there's nothing we can do to change anything that happens in the league.