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Rihanna Posts A Video About Lakers Championship: "LeBron Remains King. Lakers Are Champs, And Kobe Is Proud."

(via Time Magazine)

(via Time Magazine)

Lakers Nation encompasses a community of millions of fans worldwide. Last night, following their Championship win, many of them took to social media in celebration.

Rihanna, a lifelong Lakers fan, was among that crowd last night, and posted a heartfelt message on Instagram to show her support for the reigning Champs.

If you ain’t on this time right now...bye. Lebron remains king, Lakers are the champs, and Kobe is proud. A.D thank you! #Congratulations

Rihanna joined millions in cheering for the Purple and Gold yesterday. The moment was emotional, as it marked the end of a 10-year drought for the franchise. The death of Kobe Bryant only increased the intensity of this title.

The question is, will they be celebrating again next year, or was this a one-time ride for Lakers fans? With Anthony Davis likely to lock-in for the next few years, we can expect this team to be highly competitive for a long time.

And you can bet, regardless of what happens, Rihanna and the fans will be right behind them, cheering the whole way.