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Rob Pelinka Explains Why The Lakers Didn't Make Any Deadline Moves: "Ultimately We Didn’t Find A Deal That Had A Net Positive Effect For The Short Term Success Of The Team And The Long Term."

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The Los Angeles Lakers were generally expected to make some sort of move prior to the trade deadline, as they have been struggling all season. There were many theories about what they would do. However, the Los Angeles Lakers ended up standing pat at the trade deadline, and unless they get a free agent from the buyout market, their squad currently will be their squad for the rest of the season.

Rob Pelinka has recently explained why the Los Angeles Lakers didn't make any moves. Pelinka claimed that the team was "aggressive in a lot of conversations trying to improve the team" but added that they were unable to find a trade that had "a net positive effect for the short term success of the team and the long term". It is clear that the Los Angeles Lakers want to focus on the now, but also look towards the future. Mike Trudell of reported the news.

The trade deadline came and went on Thursday afternoon, and after days spent discussing possible deals with 29 other teams, Rob Pelinka said the Lakers didn’t find one that made enough sense to complete.

“We were aggressive in a lot of conversations trying to improve the team – we always want to put this team in the best position to win a championship,” L.A.’s VP of Basketball Ops said on a conference call. “But ultimately we didn’t find a deal that had a net positive effect for the short term success of the team and the long term, and those are both things we consider.”

It remains to be seen how well the Los Angeles Lakers will do for the rest of the season. They have a fair amount of talent on the roster, but their defense and depth have been an issue all season. It is definitely hard to see them get out of a play-in tournament spot with their recent poor play. Some have even called them the worst team in the West.

Hopefully, though, the Los Angeles Lakers will be able to turn things around. It is possible that the team will find a groove later on in the season, but time is quickly running out for them.