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Scott Brooks Predicts That Bradley Beal Will Be An MVP-Caliber Player In One Or Two Years

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(via Sportscasting)

(via Sportscasting)

Bradley Beal is well known for his scoring ability. Bradley Beal is the league's leading scorer this season, averaging 30.9 PPG this season. Beal can get buckets in every way imaginable, being able to score from any spot on the court. While the Washington Wizards as a team haven't been great, it is clear to everyone that Bradley Beal has been amazing individually.

Washington Wizards coach Scott Brooks has recently claimed that Bradley Beal could potentially become an MVP caliber player within the next few seasons. Bradley Beal certainly has the talent and skill to become the MVP, and he's only now hitting his prime.

Bradley Beal is certainly a talented scorer: but Bradley Beal and the Washington Wizards need to move upwards in the rankings for him to win the MVP award. Most players considered for the MVP are on winning teams who are competing at the highest level. Every MVP candidate this season leads a contender in their Conference. Bradley Beal is an amazing scorer: but the Washington Wizards must do a better job of building a good roster around him for them to start winning.

Bradley Beal's scoring is already MVP level: if his team starts winning, then that just adds to his case for the award. While the Washington Wizards don't look like they will be contenders immediately, getting back to the playoffs would be a good start for the Bradley Beal MVP campaign.