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Scottie Pippen Fully Supports Kevin Durant's Trade Request: "It’s What The Owners Have Been Doing To The Players For Years. I Don’t Feel Bad For What KD Is Doing At All...”

Kevin Durant and Scottie Pippen

Kevin Durant has become an agent of chaos in New York City. He could win a title with the Nets as currently constructed on paper, but his breakup with the team has sent the league into a tailspin that nobody can control.

As the basketball world lays into Durant for quitting on his team, Bulls legend Scottie Pippen recently came to his defense. In a recent “SiriusXM NBA Radio” appearance, Pippen explained his reasoning for supporting KD and his latest decision.

“You know, that’s the game today. Players control their own destiny and not much loyalty is needed on either side of the table anymore. I’m fine with it, to be honest. I kind of like how the players have their freedom to change and it’s what the owners have been doing to players for years. So, they just even the playing field, to me. I don’t feel bad for what KD is doing at all. I think it’s a great move for him. You move as much as you want, in today’s game. It’s like, to me, playing pick-up basketball.”

Pippen is a noted admirer of Durant. While the two have very little in common, Scottie seems to really appreciate Durant's game and unselfishness when it comes to playing the right way.

“KD could be remember as the greatest player, the greatest scorer to ever play the game," Scottie once said. "... no one can stop this guy. He’s 6-foot-11, he can shoot over anyone, he can get his shot off at any time. He’s a defender. But he’s such an unselfish player and he plays the game the right way. He went into a situation where he hasn’t stepped on anybody’s toes. He hasn’t went there to try to be the league’s leading scorer – which, we all know, he can."

Durant's future is clouded in uncertainty, but he'll have success wherever he goes. As one of the game's top performers, what he brings to the table is enough to change the course of whatever team he's on.

So you can't blame the guy for using his influence to get out of a bad situation and move on to greener pastures.