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Scottie Pippen Reminds Patrick Ewing Of Big Dunk: "'Scuse me."

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Scottie Pippen has proven to be a big-time troll and he doesn't hesitate to demonstrate that. It can be sharing a pic of Michael Jordan's infamous "flu game" to troll the Utah Jazz or reminding people that he made one of the best dunks the NBA has ever seen. 

On Thursday, his big play over New York Knicks legend Patrick Ewing turned 27 and Pippen wasn't going to let the day go without posting something about it. The Chicago Bulls legend is very active on Twitter, and this time wasn't the exception. 

He shared a pic of him going over Ewing with a simple caption. 

"'Scuse me," Pippen wrote on Twitter. 

That dunk took place in the 1994 NBA playoffs. It was so vicious that Ewing didn't like that at all. With Pippen's reaction to that, the Knicks center stood up, ready to go at it with the forward, but nothing happened. 

The Knicks won that series and went to the NBA Finals, where Hakeem Olajuwon and his Houston Rockets beat them. Pippen saw Michael Jordan returned to the court the next campaign, ready to restart their time of domination in the league. 

They kept having big duels with the Knicks, but this moment was unforgettable for both teams and players. Proof of that is Pippen doing his thing 27 years after destroying Ewing.