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Seth Curry Says It Will Be A Challenge For Ben Simmons To Get Back To Playing In The NBA

Seth Curry Says It Will Be A Challenge For Ben Simmons To Get Back To Playing In The NBA

Ben Simmons is perhaps the most confusing character currently in the NBA, there is no way to tell what version of him will show up when he next steps foot on the basketball court. Simmons sat out the first part of the season thanks to his desire to leave the Philadelphia 76ers, and even after he was traded to the Nets, he dealt with back problems and mental health issues that kept him away from the court. 

There is no way to know if he will ever play for the Nets either. With the way things are looking, the organization might look into trading him along with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. The Raptors have been reported as a potential destination, but for now, there seems to be no update on how things might end up playing out. 

Whatever teams he ends up representing next season, Simmons will have to readjust to the demands of the NBA season. And in an interview with The Age, his teammate Seth Curry spoke about the challenges he will face in his attempt to do so. 

“There are always challenges. Foremost, he has missed a whole season. It is going to be a challenge getting his rhythm back playing basketball,” Curry said.

“I don’t know specifically what he has been through, mentally – that’s hard for me to comment on – but having that year off, having that time off, of competing and playing five-on-five basketball is going to be just as hard ... just taking some time and getting re-acclimated to playing high-level basketball, but he is a special talent, has all the skills. The Nets need him on the floor.”

Curry was with Simmons in Philadelphia and came to Brooklyn as a part of the same trade. He is right when he says that Simmons still has all the skills necessary to excel in the league. With all the negative press he has received in recent seasons, Ben needs to ball out and try to rehabilitate his career a little.