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Shams Charania Says Kyrie Irving Won't Play Basketball Again 'Unless He Gets Traded'

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As we talk, the Kyrie Irving saga continues in Brooklyn, with the player still refusing to take the COVID-19 vaccine that would allow him to resume his career and return to the Brooklyn Nets. 

The controversial point guard has made it clear he's not changing his stance on this matter, which has made things harder for his squad. Recently, one insider revealed the Nets remain open to trading the 2016 NBA champions given the uncertainty of his situation. 

Moreover, Shams Charania of The Athletic claimed that Irving is nowhere near to getting the shot and won't return to the court unless he gets shipped away. Talking on The Pat McAfee Show, the senior NBA insider revealed: 

"Kyrie Irving is nowhere closer to getting the vaccine and he's not gonna play basketball unless he gets traded. Because unless the Nets come up someday and say, 'fine, we're gonna let you play road games, we're gonna let you practice at home, we're changing our stance.' Or unless Kyrie Irving decides to get the shot [he won't play]," Charania said. 

He also added that the Nets have been open to trading the player, but no offers have been made yet. The point guard is still a talented player who can get a lot of attention around the league, but nobody has called his franchise with an actual bid that can free him. 

Meanwhile, Kyrie keeps posting cryptic messages on social media, receiving the same reaction from fans, who ask him to return to the court before it's too late for his team. The Nets still manage to be sitting at 1st in the Eastern Conference standings, but nobody knows if they can keep the pace throughout the entire season, especially with their inconsistency, inability to beat above .500 teams, and the dangers of the Milwaukee Bucks, Washington Wizards, Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls in the East. 

This is a big bomb, but it's also what plenty of people thought when the Nets decided not to allow Kyrie to be a part-time player. Either he gets the shot or gets traded. Otherwise, we won't see him playing this season.