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Shaq O'Neal Was The Last Center To Win Finals MVP, League MVP, Scoring Title, All-Star MVP, And Score 60 Points In A Game

(via @Shaq)

(via @Shaq)

There is no doubt that Shaquille O'Neal had a magical NBA career. He won every major honor he could aspire to, becoming a force of nature on both ends of the floor and leaving a big legacy in the association. 

Talking about Shaq is talking about domination, and he let people know you shouldn't mess with him every night. His career was full of joy and achievements and the most significant proof of that is all the things that he did that haven't been done after he retired from the game. 

As you may know, Shaq is a very active person on social media, always creating debates and giving his opinion on NBA-related matters. This time, he reminded people of all of the things he did during his active days, ironically saying he was a 'bum'.

O'Neal was the last player to win the NBA Finals MVP, winning the award three times from 2000 through 2002. He was the league MVP in 2000, won the scoring title twice, one in 1995 and the second in 2000. Moreover, he won the All-Star Game MVP award three times. In 2009, he added the third one to his résumé after winning in 2000 and 2004.

During his legendary 2000 MVP season, Shaq also became the last center to score 60 points, dropping 61 on the Los Angeles Clippers on his 28th birthday. 

Sometimes, people take Shaq's greatness for granted. But, this man was great whenever he was and even after his prime was over, he managed to win the All-Star Game MVP award. 

He's one of the greatest centers of all time, no doubt about it. Even though his takes often draw a lot of criticism, you can't deny he earned his stripes and is certified to say whatever he wants to say.