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Shaquille O'Neal Almost Left The Chicago Bulls Out Of His Top 5 NBA Dynasties

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Shaquille O'Neal has made the headlines this week with a very interesting interview with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson on 'All the Smoke' podcast. The Big Diesel talked about several topics, including his NBA career, his relationship with Kobe Bryant, how his father told him to be himself and nobody else and more. 

As the interview was reaching its end, the two hosts started asking some short questions to Shaq, who named his top 5 current NBA players. He was also asked about the 5 best dynasties in league history and the 4x NBA champion almost left the Chicago Bulls out of his list. 

Yes, it was a pretty good list without Chicago but it's almost a crime that you don't mention Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Phil Jackson and the rest as one of the biggest dynasties the association has ever seen (1:04:40). 

"Lakers, Boston, Spurs, Golden State and Miami had... Miami had... No, Bulls. I'm tripping. Bulls."

It was an honest mistake but Shaq knew how to fix things. All these teams have had incredible times in the league and the C's and Lakers have had more than one dynasty, with Shaq being part of the last Lakers' team that three-peated. 

The rest of the teams were very good and they did a lot of good stuff that won't be forgotten. The Spurs Big 3 were just incredible, the Michael Jordan-led Bulls won everything they wanted and the Golden State Warriors were the biggest team in the league for five straight years. 

It's hard to find another organization that had a better time than these five and Shaq is well aware of that.