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Shawn Kemp On When He Dunked For The First Time: "In 5th Grade. I Was A Man Child, 5'11"."

Shawn Kemp

Credit: Getty Images

Shawn Kemp was one of the most spectacular dunkers in the NBA during his best days. The legendary center mastered the art of dunking the basketball but that wasn't always a good thing for him. Kemp recently revealed at what age he started dunking and what came after that for him.

Talking with Mikey Domagala on "Inside the Buzz," the former big man revealed he really started dunking at a very young age and that was more troublemaking than beneficial for him. In 5th grade, he was already 5'11". Yikes.

"I started dunking in 5th grade. I was a man child. 5'11", skinny, but very athletic. Dunking got me kicked off the team for being too [flashy]," Kemp revealed.

Well, being too flashy took him to the NBA, where he created one of the best duos in the 90s with Gary Payton. They even took the Sonics to the 1996 NBA Finals but there was somebody called Michael Jordan who ruined their plans to win an NBA championship as teammates. Kemp is now retired from the game and trying to achieve big things with his ventures.

He was really great to watch during his prime and it seems like more people saw him putting up a show with his dunks way long before he even entered the NBA.