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Skip Bayless Takes A Shot At LeBron James And His "Cult Followers" On James' 36th Birthday

Skip Bayless Takes A Shot At LeBron James And His "Cult Followers" On James' 36th Birthday

LeBron James is turning 36 years old today and every fan of the King has taken to social media to send his best wishes to the King. LeBron is one of the most famous athletes in the world and whenever his name is brought up in social media, the Los Angeles Lakers superstar trends.

Today is not the exception and a lot of fans made the “Happy Birthday GOAT” hashtag trend on Twitter, something that didn't please his detractors. One of those is Skip Bayless, James' most famous hater, who didn't hesitate to take a jab at LeBron and his fans, calling them "cult followers".

“The cult followers, that I call the blind witnesses, were at it again. They had this trending, suggesting once again that LeBron James is better than Michael Jeffrey Jordan! That is the single biggest fallacy in the history of sports,” Bayless said in a recent episode of FS1's Undisputed.

As usual, he brought up Michael Jordan's name to the conversation, comparing LeBron to His Airness, explaining that they're not and won't ever be the same.

“I want everybody to let this sink in, LeBron James is 4-6 in the NBA Finals. Michael Jordan, once and forever, will always be 6-0 with 6 MVPs in the Finals.”

“LeBron James has convinced me. He is simply the greatest self-promoter in sports history. He’s the self-proclaimed King, he’s the phony GOAT, yet he’s convinced billions of blind witnesses that he’s actually better than Jordan!”

This is something that won't ever change. Bayless won't even let LeBron enjoy his own birthday, as he will always find a way to attack the 4x NBA champion. Well, James surely is having a good time right now and he's not worrying about what other people say.