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Sonya Curry Confesses She Almost Aborted Stephen Curry, But Changed Her Mind At The Clinic: "God Had A Plan For That Child"

Sonya Curry Confesses She Almost Aborted Stephen Curry, But Changed Her Mind At The Clinic: "God Had A Plan For That Child"

Stephen Curry is one of the greatest players of this generation and arguably a top-15, top-20 player of all time. The Golden State Warriors legend not only changed the game of basketball with his shooting talents but dominated the league during the second half of the 2010s, winning everything he could with the Dubs. 

He's past his 30s now, but Curry remains a great player, showing his quality night in and night out, trying to relive old glories with his team this campaign. There's no doubt that he's one of the most influential players ever, but things could be a lot different if Steph's mom made a drastic decision many years ago. 

Sonya Curry recently opened up on the issues she had to overcome while being pregnant with the Splash Brother, and he thought of making a radical decision before changing her mind. During a recent interview on a podcast, Sonya revealed that she was close to ending her pregnancy and it wasn't until she made it to the clinic that her decision was overturned. 

"There could be no Stephen," she said in a recent interview, via Sandra Rose.

"If I would've gone through that, there would've been no Wardell Stephen Curry the second. You know, God had a plan for that child, and, just the spirit interceding at that moment, in a way that I didn't even know at the moment was happening... just spoke to again the purpose of faith..."

This decision would have had big consequences not only for the Currys but the rest of the NBA world. Steph is a big legend already and many people love him for his personality, others are inspired by his playstyle, and the rest are in awe of how great he is with the basketball. 

We're talking about the greatest shooter of all time not being in this world, which is a lot to say. Fortunately, Sonya didn't even start the process and decided to have this kid that has brought so much joy to the world. They have an incredible relationship now, and even though the mother isn't on the best terms with Dell Curry, nothing has changed between her and Steph. 

There are many debates about abortion laws across the US right now and many people have decided to express their opinions on that. Sonya came up with a shocking one, revealing that we could have never seen Stephen Curry torching people on the court.