Stan Van Gundy Comments On The 2020-21 NBA Championship: "Champions With No Asterisks."

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The road for many teams throughout the 2020-21 NBA playoffs was tough for a lot of teams. Many high-impact players have been injured during the playoffs. Some serious injuries from the regular season also affected the performance of some teams. This has not been an easy playoff run for any of the teams that are still standing.

The rash of injuries during the playoffs has caused some fans to question the validity of the 2020-21 NBA championship. A recent Tweet by user LakeShowHoopsPH listed all the key players that were affected by injuries in the playoffs and suggested that the 2020-21 NBA championship should have an "asterisk" next to it. 

Former New Orleans Pelicans coach Stan Van Gundy has spoken out against that notion in a comment and suggested that whoever ends up winning should be viewed as a champion "with no asterisks" as they were the team that dealt with the challenges of this season the best.

There is no doubt that if a team wins the NBA championship this season, they will be valid champions no matter what. Injuries are an unfortunate part of sports, but a team's championship run shouldn't be devalued because of that factor. Any of the four teams standing deserves to win it all, and hopefully, we have an entertaining end to the playoffs.