StatMuse Reveals Who Scored More Points In Space Jam: Michael Jordan Or LeBron James

Jordan lebron

LeBron James' recent movie Space Jam: A New Legacy, inevitably drew comparisons to the originals. There is no question that it is a deserving sequel, and that both movies have their own appeal.

One of the comparisons has been the basketball play of LeBron James and Michael Jordan in the respective movies. While obviously the basketball play within the movie cannot be compared to a real-life game, StatMuse compiled the statistics of the two players within their respective movies. It's a fun thought exercise, and it looks as though Michael Jordan was just as dominant a scorer in the movies as he was in real life.

Both players hit game-winners in their respective movies, similar to how they would in real life. Michael Jordan's 22-22 FG would be insane if he were playing in a regular NBA game, as most players miss at one point or another. If Jordan put that up in real life, he'd have 200.0 TS% which is certainly a crazy mark. StatMuse did make sure to give LeBron James credit for his style points as well, and his 2000 TS% along with Jordan's 200.0 TS% would be the best in NBA history. It's certainly interesting to think about these hypotheticals. Space Jam 2: A New Legacy has drawn some criticisms from fans, but it is clear that is still a fun family movie that is enjoyable for basketball fans.